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Originally a Fine Art graduate, I became interested in both the long history of ceramics and the making of pottery, during travels abroad. I returned to university to undertake an MA in Ceramics in 2007.

In 2009 my work was selected for the graduate show at the first British Ceramics Biennial, in Stoke on Trent. Since then, I have exhibited at various art, ceramics and fine craft events in the UK, and also in group exhibitions in Korea, Japan, China, and the USA.

My work seeks to explore and question (and sometimes, to celebrate) the traditional use of materials and the accepted associations of beauty, usefulness and value in ceramic forms. I am interested in the hierarchy of materials and what makes things Precious to people.

Whilst I use a traditional potter’s wheel, the forms are sometimes distended, altered, torn or added to when the clay is still plastic.

I use porcelain for the fine cool smooth look and feel, and for its innate ability to respond to ambient light and colour. Darker, coarser clays are used for their evocative qualities and to exploit the distinctive textural relationships between materials.


2009          MA (Distinction) Contemporary Crafts (Ceramics) 

                     UCA Farnham
1976           BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Reading

Selected Exhibitions
2009          F
RESH, British Ceramics Biennial
2010          Emerging Artists, Fuping, China
2011          Ceramic Art London
2011          Aberystwyth Arts Centre
2013          The Biscuit Factory Summer Exhibition
2014          Ceramic Art London
2018         13 Mile Studio, One Paved Court, Richmond
2020         Art in the time of Covid, Riverhouse, Walton on Thames
2023         Things Being Various, Sewell Gallery, Radley College



                   01932 782254

Ros Perton Portrait.jpg

Photo credit: Vic Kettle 2014

Photo credit: Ben Boswell 2014

Photo credit: Monica Jones 2021

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